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We are proud to announce the opening of our new holistic metaphysical shop, ShamanSenses.com! We are a New Age holistic metaphysical shop with natural organic green wellness products as well as metaphysical, Wiccan, and witchcraft supplies.  We offer an extensive product selection in several categories – vitamins, green lifestyle, baby and children, health and beauty, and other nutritional supplements. We offer a variety of kosher and organic meal replacement and energy bars, shakes, and snacks to complete a healthy lifestyle. We offer products for all paths to the divine, as well as gift items for personal enjoyment. You will discover items for: Shamanism, Santeria, Norse, Asatru, Druidism, Mysticism, Occult, Buddhism, personal spirituality, Wicca, The Craft, and many other divine and religious traditions.

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Get the New Age Sun app with easy access to Metaphysicsandlore.com and more! New Age enlightenment and metaphysical information on topics such as spirituality, meditation, metaphysics, crystals, psychic reading, numerology, life-path numerology, runes, runic divination and magical uses, clairvoyance, Tarot, Wicca and witchcraft, shamanism, and new age ebooks and blogs by New Age author Shaman Vitki. The app also includes a live chat feature and social wall. The application includes several videos as well.

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Life Path Number

There are many different books out there on numerology and on what can be derived from a date of birth and a person’s name. What I want to focus on is the life path number and how to balance and attune yourself with your own personal path. The soul does choose when to be born and what lessons it is going to learn in this lifetime. By understanding and knowing your own life path number, you will gain insights as to why certain conflicts and repeating themes continuously occur. You can then learn how to best deal with these occurrences. Many of these are not always pleasant either. By knowing your life path number or the number of a spouse or child, you can have great insights how to overcome and avoid these unpleasant themes or conflicts. The life path number is a breakdown of the total sum of an individual’s birth-date. From this number one can receive insights as to what life experiences or themes will be challenging, and repetitive. Balance Your Life Path Numerology is my book on the life path number. This book explains how to live a more balanced life based on that knowledge.

Rune Meditation

The runes are a great resource when dealing with the metaphysics of the universe. Here is a great video for rune meditation by Freya Aswynn. I just wish the runes were colored in red. All 24 runes of the elder futhark are introduced. You will feel the charge of the runic energies as she calls the runes one by one. Try to envision each rune in bright red and let it meld into the mind’s eye. As with any skill, concentration and vivid visualizations will greatly add to the success of working with the runes.

This is a great exercise to do daily until you can do it on your own without any assistance. Here is a link for a better understanding of the runes.