Shamanism refers to beliefs and practices by a spiritual person or being that believes in his or her ability to interact and communicate with a spirit world or worlds through various forms of metaphysics. Shamanism predates all organized religion and that is why there are many different variations of shamanistic practices that vary mainly due to cultural differences. It should be noted that the very first ever so called holy men or women would have been shamans. They would have been the spiritual leaders of their people. They would have been thought of as the “ones who know”. The word medicine man or witchdoctor has also been used to describe shamans. The belief by many shamans in their ability to heal the sick and use magic is where modern science has cast such a negative light on the practice or belief. However it is amazing and worth noting that primitive cultures around the world would have the same core belief system without having any knowledge of each other. The core principles of shamanistic beliefs are a belief in a spirit world or worlds, belief that communication with spirits is possible, spirits can be good or evil, divination of the future or psychic reading, vision questing for knowledge, the shaman’s spirit can leave the body and travel between worlds for information or communication, and yes many believe in the ability to help and heal the sick. Nature and animals play a very big role to many shamans as well. Most are very knowledgeable about the local plant life and herbs as well as various gem stones or crystals.

Considering there are so many different cultures around the world, one can imagine how many variations of shamanistic practices there are. The core beliefs of interacting with a spirit world however, are practically the same. It is a common practice for the shaman to induce himself into a trance-like state of ecstasy by using rhythmic drums or rattles, dancing, chanting, sweat lodges,  and many use a form of hallucinogens as well, but not all. It is usually within this state of trance, that the shaman does his or her most serious work or tasks. Many shamans also believe in the use of power animals or totems. They perceive these animal spirits as guardians or helpers to themselves and others. Shamans are capable of changing their consciousness at will to interact with the spirits (human or animal) for whatever purpose deemed necessary.  This is why shamans can be referred to as “ones who know”.

Metaphysics of Crystals and Stones

The metaphysical lore or magical uses of crystals and stones is as old as time. By magic, I am referring to the metaphysical energies associated with the stones  or crystals. Crystals and stones contain the earth’s metaphysical energies. The first shamans knew the hidden power or energy found in these even when they were separated by continents. Many Native American cultures share in the same belief as well. As time went on, amulets and talismans were made to provide the holder with the magical properties of the stones or crystals being used.  There is a vast majority of uses for stones and crystals that has been studied and used over the ages of time.

Stones and crystals have projective and receptive properties or energies that are associated with them.  These metaphysical properties are everywhere within the universe. Too much of one causes problems, thus warranting the need for balance. A person feeling out of balance or lacking within a certain aspect of them-self could use a certain stone or crystal that had a desired metaphysical energy to bring balance back into them-self.   One must also understand that the color of stones contributes to the metaphysical energies and properties they contain. Here is a list of stones and crystals with metaphysical uses associated with them. This list is not all inclusive.


Colored stones and crystals contain these metaphysical properties:

Red-represents blood and sacredness to some, associated with fire, lends courage and power.

Pink- calming and loving vibrations, cheerfulness

Orange- personal success, selling, symbols of the sun

Yellow- Communication and movement-associated with air

Green- nature, fertility, grounding associated with earth mostly but water at times, the unknown

Blue- Associated with water, dreams, emotions, intuition

Purple- Associated with spiritual healing and mysticism, meditation, psychic work

White- Associated with the moon, sleep, psychism, power

Black- associated with Akashic and repelling negativity

Crystal and Stone List:

Agate- Strength, courage, love, healing, protection

Alexandrite- luck, love

Amber- luck, healing, strength, lifeforce energy, beauty, love

Amethyst- dreams, healing, psychism, peace, love protection, happiness

Aquamarine- psychism, peace, purification

Aventurine- mental powers, eyesight, luck, money

Azurite- psychism,dreams,divination

Beryl- psychism, energy, clairvoyant psychic reading, healing, love

Bloodstone- healing, halt bleeding, strength, courage, wealth

Carnelian- protection, sexual energy(libedo), courage

Cat’s-Eye- Beauty, wealth, gambling

Citrine- psychism, communication, knowledge

Coral- wisdom, healing,

Crystal (Quartz)- psychism, psychic reading, power, guided intent, healing, there are differrent colors of quartz for various uses

Diamond- spirituality, strength, courage

Emerald- love, money, wisdom, psychicsm

Flourite- mental strength, meditation

Garnet- protection, strength

Geodes- childbirth, fertility, meditation, projection of energy

Hematite- grounding,divination, healing

Jade- wisdom, love, healing, vitality

Jasper- calling rain, healing, beauty

Jet- Akasha knowledge, divination, luck, protection

Kunzite- calming, relaxing

Lapis Lazuli- spiritual psychism, healing

Malachite- protection, magical energy, success

Moonstone- love, sleep, psychism, divination

Onyx- protection, defense magic

Opal- astral projection, psychism, magical power raising, beauty

Ruby- power, wealth, protection, banish sadness

Salt- purification, grounding, protection

Sapphire- psychism, divination, healing,

Sodalite- meditation, healing, calming

Sugilite- spirituality, healing, psychism

Sunstone- healing, selling success, persuasion, solar energy

Tigers-Eye- courage, protection, energy, divination

Topaz- protection, wealth, healing

Turquoise- spirtuality, calming, protection, luck

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What is Metaphysics

Metaphysics is not easy to define, but metaphysics is the study of reality, study of being and existence, study of  worldly nature, study of spiritual existence and how it all interacts with each other through forces that can be seen or not be seen. Metaphysics is a type of philosophy that has roots to Ancient Greek philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

The term metaphysics in today’s world has come to represent and include many categories of topics such as: psychics, psychic readings , clairvoyance, Tarot, numerology, astrology, and runes. It also includes the paranormal, spirituality, reincarnation, magic, divination, esp, shamanism, paganism, the “Craft“, magical properties of crystals, herbs, oils, and charms. It encompasses meditation, astral projection, dreams, and more .

It embodies questions like:

Is there a God or spirit world? Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? Is there an afterlife? What is reality? How do people and nature interact and why in relation to these questions?

It is through these questions that one works through the philosophy of metaphysics and it depends on one’s personal preferences and intuitions as to what metaphysical sources, methods and tools he or she uses to try and answer them. It is a personal quest of spirituality.

Psychic Reading

Psychic reading is an occurrence where one person tries to perceive information and insights using extra-sensory- perception (esp) from a metaphysical realm.  There are various methods and tools per se’ that a  psychic reader may use to provide the reading such as Tarot cards, runes, astrological signs and charts, and numerology and more. There are some psychic readers that use a form of channeling spirits as a medium such as John Edward or Sylvia Brown.  These psychics are usually referred to as being clairvoyant. Most psychics consider themselves to be clairvoyant to a point since it is their own perception that they rely on when providing a reading for someone or for themselves.

A psychic reader that uses Tarot cards will use different lay outs of the cards after the person that they are reading has handled them  or shuffled them. The psychic will then interpret the layout of the cards using them only as tools and a visual aid. A good reader will  use the intuition they receive more so than the exact representation of each card, but will use the card or cards as a point of reference .

A psychic reading using runes is done in a similar way, but usually the runes are cast from a cup or one’s hands on to a cloth and the ones face up are interpreted. Usually, 3 runes would be picked up and interpreted in light of the questions asked but there are other methods as well. Runic divination can be simple or very complex. It is necessary for the reader to be very intuitive and knowledgeable about the runes however.

A psychic reading by numerology  is a breakdown of an individual’s personal numbers or life path number, which are derived from one’s birth-date and or name. From these numbers one can receive insight as to what life experiences or themes will be easy, challenging, and repetitive. Some believe that a soul chooses when to be born and therefore, one could derive a life path number representing the life’s purpose or journey for the soul. The life path number (or soul number) is derived by taking ones entire birth-date -month ,day,and year and adding its sum. The sum is then added until it becomes a single numerical digit.

An astrological psychic reading or an Astrology chart uses the birth-date, the time of birth, and the place of birth (longitude and latitude) to determine the influencing factors of the planets on a person and how those planets affect each other. Horoscopes are derived in the same manner, but usually, the birth- date is what is important there. The method of doing one’s chart is a bit to involved for me to explain here.

Personally, I believe that everyone has psychic ability, but some are more apt than others. I believe that psychic ability is developed and grows stronger just like a muscle. The more you use it and understand it, the stronger it becomes. This psychic ability is an established connection to the metaphysical realm or spirit world. It is really no different than the feeling one gets when trying to connect in a spiritual way. What is different, is how one uses the psychic or spiritual connection as well as the strength of it. It is the intuition and emotion one feels that is perceived as the extra-sensual-perception when doing a reading. It is this perception and not the tools used that separate really good psychics from your average psychic. Even you can develop that esp and open your inner clairvoyant psychic because we all have it to be developed. Just remember, it is like a muscle and everyone has a different measure of strength