Witches Rune or Wiccan Chant

The Wiccan Chant is often called the Witches’ Rune and has many different versions. Its primary purpose was to aid a group or a solitary witch in raising power. Sometime covens use it as a chant for the Ring Dance around the altar. Some covens who set the altar up towards the north would chant it for a type of cord magick when coveners would loop their cords together forming something like spokes of a wheel.

Here are some common versions:

Version 1:

Darksome night and shining moon
Hearken to the Witches Rune.
East then South , West then North
Hear! Come! I call thee forth!
By all the powers of land and sea
Be obedient unto me.
Wand, pentacle, and the sword
Hearken ye unto my word.
Cords and censor, scourge and knife
Waken all ye into life.
Powers of the witches blade
Come ye as the charge is made.
Queen of heaven, queen of hell
Send your aid into the spell.
Horned Hunter of the night
Work my will by magick right.
By the powers of land and sea
As I do say, “So mote it be!”
By all the might of moon and sun
As I do will, it shall be done!

Version 2:

“Eko, Eko, Azarak,
Eko, Eko, Zamilak,
Eko, Eko, Cernunnos,
Eko, Eko, Aradia!

Darksome night and shining moon,
East, then South, then West, then North;
Hearken to the Witches’ Rune
Here we come to call ye forth!

Earth and Water, Air and Fire,
Wand and Pentacle and Sword,
Work ye unto our desire,
Hearken ye unto our word!

Cords and censer, scrounge and knife,
Powers of the Witch’s blade
Waken ye unto life,
Come ye as the charm is made!

Queen of heaven, Queen of hell,
Horned Hunter of the night
Lend your power unto the spell,
And work our will by magic rite!

By all the power of land and sea,
By all the might of moon and sun
As we do will, so mote it be;
Chant the spell, and be it done!

Version 3:

Darksome night and shining moon
Hearken to the Witches Rune.
East then South , West then North
Hear! Come! I call thee forth!
By all the powers of land and sea
Be obedient unto me.
Wand, pentacle, and the sword
Hearken ye unto my word.
Cords and censor, scourge and knife
Waken all ye into life.
Powers of the witches blade
Come ye as the charge is made.
Queen of heaven, queen of hell
Send your aid into the spell.
Horned Hunter of the night
Work my will by magick right.
By the powers of land and sea
As I do say, “So mote it be!”
By all the might of moon and sun
As I do will, it shall be done!
Eko Eko, Azarak
Eko Eko, Zomilarak
Eko Eko, Cernunnos
Eko Eko, Aradia. 


Moon Phases

Moon Phases

The lunar phase is important and helps in determining the best time for magic. There are basically two lunar phases: waxing moon (ideal time for constructive magic) and waning moon (ideal time for banishing and destructive magic, study, and meditation). In between you’ll have the dark moon (the time of greatest power for banishing and negative magic) and the full moon (the time of greatest power for positive magic).
Basically, as the moon grows, so grows the opportunity or desire for which you are working. As the moon gets smaller, so does the habit or thing you are trying to overcome or push away from you. Most witches of The Craft and pagans work around these lunar phases.

WAXING MOON -When the moon is growing in size (right hand crescent in Northern hemisphere)

Time: From New Moon to Full Moon (Approx 14 days)
Goddess Aspect: Maiden.
Magical Attributes: Invoking beginnings, New projects, Ideas, Inspirations, Energy, Vitality, Freedom.
General workings on this day are for: “Constructive” magic, (love, wealth, success, courage, friendship, luck or health. Time for casting spells concerning attraction and growth and putting plans into action. )

Time: Approx 14 days after New Moon (Energy lasts from 3 days before Full Moon to 3 days after actual Full Moon) Midnight is the best hour to work the magic.
Goddess Aspect: Mother.
Magical Attributes: Manifesting goals, Nurturing, Passion, Healing, Strength, Power.
Workings on this day are for: Protection, Divination, “Extra Power”, Job hunting, healing serious conditions. Also love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams, artistic endeavors, beauty, health, and fitness, change and decisions, children, competition, dreams, families, health and healing, knowledge, legal undertakings, love and romance, money, motivation, psych-ism, self-improvement.

WANING MOON – When the moon is decreasing in size (left handed crescent in Northern hemisphere)

Time: From Full Moon to Dark Moon (Approx 14 days)
Goddess Aspect: Crone
Magical Attributes: BANISHING Releasing the Old, Removing Unwanted Negative Energies, Wisdom, Psychic Abilities, Scrying, Reversing Circumstances.
General workings on this day are for: Banishing Magic, ridding of addictions, illness or negativity, physical and psychic cleanisings.Time for casting spells to release and diminish.


Time: From Dark Moon to Waxing Moon (depends).
New moon – The magic should be performed between dawn and sunset for the best use of this magic.
Goddess Aspect: Maiden
Magical Attributes: Banishing, Releasing the Old, Removing Unwanted Negative Energies, Wisdom, Psychic Abilities, Scrying, Reversing Circumstances.New beginnings Weight loss, Goal setting, Planning, Cleaning, Personal Cleansing, General beginnings and considerations.
Workings on this day are for: Starting new ventures, new beginnings, love, romance, health, or job hunting.
New moon – beauty, health, and self-improvement; farms and gardens; job hunting; love and romance; networking.
Dark moon – addictions, change, divorce, enemies, justice, obstacles, quarrels, removal, separation, stopping stalkers and theft.

Lunar Eclipses
Eclipses represent the perfect union of sun and moon. Any type of magic is acceptable.

Blue Moon
The “blue” one is always the 2nd full moon in the same month. Historically the Blue Moon was considered unlucky and a real nuisance when it occurred at various times of the year and upset scheduling of church festivals. In love songs the Blue Moon is often a symbol of sadness and loneliness.

New moon, Dark moon.
Dark moon occurs either side of the new moon. The new moon is between the last of the waning moon and the beginning of the waxing moon. The new moon has the power of in-between, a time which is not a time, similar to midday, midnight etc.

Runelore and Magical Uses of Runes


Odin, the Norse High God of the Aesir, hung from the world tree, Yggdrasil, impaled on his own spear, for nine days and nights in order to gain the knowledge of runes. When the runes appeared below him, he reached down and took them up, and the runic knowledge gave him power. He later passed on this knowledge to the Vanir goddess Freya. She, in turn, taught him the magic of seidhr. Heimdall, the god who guarded the Rainbow Bridge, taught the runes to mankind.

Runic alphabets first appeared among German tribes in central and eastern Europe. The runes were made of straight lines to make the characters suitable for cutting into wood or stone. The Old Germanic Runic alphabet or “Elder Futhark” contains 24 runes. The first six runes of the alphabet spell out the word “FUTHARK”.

Here are the 24 runes that make up the Elder Futhark


Fehu – Divination meanings: finances and prosperity, could also refer to person’s libido

Magical uses: energy projection or drawing energy, increase wealth, increase libido


Uruz – Divination meanings: Represents health matters or courage

Magical uses: Healing, shaping and forming of desire or will, knowledge of self


Thurisaz – Divination meanings: Aggressive conflicts or aimed might- stubbornness

Magical Uses: Warding and protection, curses, awaken the magical will


Ansuz – Divination meanings: Communications, wisdom and learning from past

Magical uses: magical incantation, wisdom, psych-ism and divine communication


Raidho – Divination meanings: Travel or movement, moral right and wrong

Magical uses: Moral justice, rhythm and timing, ordered movement


Kenaz – Divination meanings: Being in control, knowing what to do

Magical uses: Control of sexual energy for  creative shaping and reshaping, releases spirit into realms of power


Gebo – Divination meanings: Gifts, any matter of exchanging, relationships

Magical uses: love magic, endless exchange of energy, mystical union, binding, a gift for a gift, karmic payback


Wunjo – Divination meanings: Personal Wishing, joy or happiness

Magical uses: Personal happiness, healing relationships,


Hagalaz – Divination meanings: Uncontrolled destiny or forces that affect us (can be disruptive)

Magical uses: Completeness and bring into being, warding or protection


Nautiz – Divination meanings: Need, testing or suffering

Magical uses: Overcoming fate and stress, develops magical will, sudden inspiration and inner might


Isa – Divination Meanings: Stuck or blocked, frozen,  could reference the ego

Magical uses: strengthen concentration and will, binding as in constraint or constriction, halt movement


Jera – Divination meanings: Harvest, hopes and expectations, could also be gradual change

Magical uses: Patience and natural harmony of magical will, Spiritual understanding, creative planning, interactions with nature and natural time cycles


Eihwaz – Divination meanings: A person’s motivation or will power

Magical uses: Death initiation, wisdom from past lives, increase and store power, spirit communication


Perthro – Divination meanings: Divination, that which is becoming or something hidden

Magical uses: Divination, perception of fate, to manifest magical intent


Elhaz (Algiz) – Divination meanings: Protection, Spiritual connection or protection

Magical uses: Protection, communication and connection with guardian spirit, spiritual cleansing, strengthen magical power, traveling through other worlds or astral travel


Sowilo – Divination meanings: The higher self or guidance, triumph

Magical uses: Strengthen magical spiritual will, guardianship and guidance, personal triumph


Tiwaz – Divination meanings: Ordering force,  justice or legal matters

Magical uses: Victory and justice, defense magic, to strengthen with spiritual and moral force


Berkano – Divination meanings: Birth or fertility, female nurturing or issues

Magical uses: Fertility magic, concealment and secrecy, to bring into being


Ehwaz – Divination meanings: Bonding or relationships with others

Magical uses: Soul travel, shamanic totem animal, mystical wisdom, projecting and linking magical thoughts


Mannaz – Divination meanings: Matters of the mind, attitude, personal balance

Magical uses: Strengthens all matters of the mind and psychic ability, balanced through meditation


Laguz – Divination meanings: Emotions, issues with death itself or of someone you know , occult      matters

Magical uses: Increase and fill yourself with life-force, to probe the subconscious and the unknown, physical and magical strength


Ingwaz – Divination meanings: Man’s personal sacrifice, male fertility, stored power

Magical uses: To store or transfer magical power


Dagaz – Divination meanings: Spiritual awakening, completion of a cycle

Magical uses: To become one with the universe through mystical inspiration, synthesis of opposites into a single concept such as light and dark; life and death, happy and sad; etc


Othala – Divination meanings: Inheritance, heritage, home and family life

Magical uses: Strengthen the clan or family including spiritual ancestry, to gain past life wisdom or talents, to gain wealth and protect what you own

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Teutonic Numerology

Teutonic is a word that was once used to denote a specific Germanic tribe, but now encompasses a heritage that includes much of Northern Europe including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. This is mainly due to the travels of the Teutonic people and the spread of their wisdom.

Teutonic numerology is different from western numerology and has a different spiritual meaning of numbers in that counting worked on a base 12 system. Therefor the concept of perfect numbers is shifted to 12 and its multiples. In Teutonic numerology the numbers have specific meanings that usually correspond with rune magic.

One – represents the prime source and is the end of the synthesizing process

Two – represents duality, twins and active balance

Three – One of the first magical numbers of the Teutonic people. Three represents action and reaction. It represents the synthesis of opposites.

Four – this is the number of stability, completeness, and the wholeness of Earth. It bears reference to the four dwarves who forged Freya’s necklace. It is also associated with the sun.

Five – The Germanic week was only five days long. Five is a number of active order and control

Six – It is another magical number, representing the balance of two and the synthesis of three, but is not mentioned much in Teutonic mythology

Seven – This number is not mentioned much in the myths, but some believe it can be a number of death and can be used for contact with other worlds.

Eight – Represents the completeness of the Heavens and the otherworlds. It is the number of travel between the worlds being associated with Sleipnir. It is a number of wholeness. There are 3 sets of 8 runes that make up the elder futhark.

Nine – This is the greatest magical number. Odhinn hangs nine nights on the tree Yggdrasil. There are also nine worlds in Teutonic belief. It is a number of power and direction.

Ten and Eleven have very little meaning in Teutonic numerology

Twelve – Another number of great wholeness and being. There are 12 Gods and 12 Goddesses and 12 great halls of Asgard. Twelve is a number of earthly power

Thirteen – This is a number of wisdom and magical power.